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I have decided to retire from a 30+ year design career. It’s been an interesting profession that has put me center stage with a cast of characters and organizations to include corporate suits, leading non-profits, governors, a US president, a US secretary of labor, actors, Indigenous tribes, and many other fun, serious, and colorful personalities and organizations. Finishing my career playing a small part in saving the languages of Indigenous people in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia has been among the most rewarding of my profession and life.

My experiences have ranged from flying across state lines in small two-seater planes for appointments with clients to witnessing my then seven-year-old son being frisked by Secret Service agents. What fun!

I’m going to take some time off to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Many moons ago, I fancied myself to be a humorous illustrator. Maybe, I will pick up a pen and brush and dust off, then write and illustrate some of the many ridiculous stories I told my children and now grandchildren.

I loved camping and hiking in my youth. I could just go camping. I could watch sunrises in faraway destinations while holding my wife's hand during the sunset of my life. That has a certain romantic appeal to my inner, spiritual self.

Tell best stories,

Coming at the end of the year...